Teaching staff


Diana_Saparniene   Šiauliai University: Diana Šaparnienė, Ph.D. is a professor in Public Administration department. She holds a PhD in Social Science from Siauliai University in 2002. Her main research interests are in the field of e-governance as Good, democratic governance in local self-government as well as questions in social research methodology. Šaparnienė has been involved in research projects focused on governance and e-governance in higher education and local self-government fields. Since 2007 she is working in the Group of Experts on the European Charter of Local Self-Government of the Council of Europe. She is also head of the Public Administration Department. E-mail: diana.s@smf.su.lt
jaroslav_machacek   University of Pardubice: Prof. Ing. Jaroslav Macháček, CSc. After having completed a BSc (ing.) and PhD. (CSc) studies in Economics (1976) -  from the Institute of Economics of Czech Academy of Sciences, he worked in research organizations and started regular teaching at the University of Economics in 1992, when having received assoc. professorship. Presently he works as head of department of regional studies  (University of Economics in Prague) and professor at the University of Pardubice. He is an economist engaged in regional science, spatial and environmental economics, in personal life interested in literature, sports, travelling. E-mail: Jaroslav.Machacek@upce.cz
Paskaita   Šiauliai University: Teodoras Tamosiunas, Ph.D. is professor of Public administration department. The habilitation procedure has been fulfilled at Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania) in 2009, in the field of sustainable development of regions. Study Philosophy: teacher and student – equal partners working together for science! E-mail: teodoras@cr.su.lt
b_Ilona_Obrsalova   University of Pardubice: Ing. Ilona Obršálová, Ph.D. is assoc. professor of the University of Pardubice. Her research work is focused on environmental economics and management; especially environmental damages valuation, environmental efficiency, environmental impacts assessment and sustainable development modelling. She has been engaged in many national and international projects and her research has been published in national and international journals, conference contributions and national and international textbooks. E-mail: Ilona.Obrsalova@upce.cz
Virginija_Sidlauskiene   Šiauliai University: Virginija Šidlauskienė, Ph.D. is professor at the Centre for Gender Studies and Research at Šiauliai University  (since 2001). Her interest concerns gender studies, (in) equality and multiple discrimination management (the intersecting fields of sociology, economics, education and organizational culture) and change processes in academia. E-mail: msc@cr.su.lt
jitka_komarkova   University of Pardubice: Ing. Jitka Komárková, Ph.D. is associated professor in System Engineering and Informatics. Her main research interests are geoinformation technologies (especially vector data and their analyses), Web-based geographic information systems and their usability. E-mail: Jitka.Komarkova@upce.cz
Laima_Liukineviciene   Šiauliai University: Laima Liukinevičienė, Assoc. Prof., Ph. D., is interested and engaged in research of change management as well as participates actively in implementing changes at Šiauliai University and local self-government. Her credo: practical application of scientific theories. Laima Liukinevičienė took part in establishing the Confederation of NGOs in Šiauliai city, as well as self-government institutions of micro-districts of Šiauliai. She encourages student initiatives. E-mail: laima.l@cr.su.lt
Jan_Stejskal University of Pardubice: Ing. Jan Stejskal holds Ph.D. in Public and Regional Economics and he is now associate professor in Public Economic field. Jan is researcher of many scientific projects (for example in 2014 -2016: Modelling of knowledge spill-over effects in context of regional and local development). He is also Ph.D. students´ supervisor.  Jan is author or co-author of several monographs and many tenths of journal and conference papers. E-mail: Jan.Stejskal@upce.cz
Aiste_Lazauskiene Šiauliai University: Aistė Lazauskienė, Ph.D. is an associated professor at the Department of Public Administration. She received her PhD at the Vytautas Magnus University in 2004. Local government, multi-level governance, history of municipalities, local elections are among her current research interests. A.Lazauskienė is author of several books (in Lithuanian). Since 2013 she is a full member of the Group of independent experts on the European Charter of local self-government (Council of Europe, Strasbourg). E-mail: aiste@smf.su.lt
b_Petr_Hajek University of Pardubice: Ing. Petr Hájek, Ph.D. is an associate professor with the Institute of System Engineering and Informatics, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic. He deals with the modelling (prediction, classification, and optimization) of economic processes (especially in the field of public economics and public finance), advanced statistical methods, and methods of computational intelligence (soft-computing). E-mail: Petr.Hajek@upce.cz
b_Martin_Mastalka   University of Pardubice: Ing. Martin Maštálka holds a Ph.D. from Faculty of Architecture at Brno University of Technology. The career started at public sector where was involved into the strategic and urban planning and management of the city. Continued on this field at University of Pardubice as well as a senior lecteur in disciplines related to city and regional development. He is interested in urban history, travelling, cycling and basketball. E-mail: Martin.Mastalka@upce.cz
Andrius_Rakickas   Šiauliai University: Andrius Rakickas, PhD. After completing a BSc in Math and Applied Economics in 2000 from Siauliai University, Andrius received his MSc from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Finance Management in 2003 and PhD at Vytautas Magnum University in business administration in 2010. He has practical experience in the private sector and is presently working as a lecturer in Siauliai University. The field of interest – business simulation models, regional economics. E-mail: interaktyvus@gmail.com
b_Robert_Bata   University of Pardubice: Ing. Robert Baťa, Ph.D. After completing a Bc. in Economics and Administration in 1993 from the University of Pardubice (Czech Republic), Robert received both his dipl. Ing. and PhD at the University of Pardubice, partly in parallel studies on International graduated school of Zittau (Germany). Robert has worked in Germany on the international projects, later then as an assistant professor on the University of Pardubice. E-mail: Robert.Bata@upce.cz
Krisitina_Matuzeviciute   Šiauliai University: Kristina Matuzevičiūtė has finished PhD in Economics at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas. She is assistant professor at the department of Economics at Šiauliai University. Her main research interest is in the field of international economic relationship, international labor migration. She has experience as a researcher and teaching for 10 years. E-mail: matuzeviciute@gmail.com
Jana_Janderova   University of Pardubice: JUDr. Jana Janderová holds a PhD in Civil and Commercial Law from Charles University, Prague, and is employed as Assistant Professor with the department of Administrative and Social Sciences. She has a ten year experience as in-house lawyer. Her fields of interest are Administrative Law – mainly administrative justice, administrative procedure and civil service – and European Union Law. E-mail: Jana.Janderova@upce.cz
Jan_Mandys   University of Pardubice: Mgr. Jan Mandys received his Ph.D. in Social Policy and Social Work: Social Counselling and Management of Social Services at University of Ostrava, Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology and Applied Social Sciences in 2011. He works as Assistant Professor at University of Pardubice, Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, Institute of Administrative and Social Sciences. Before that, he worked as Social Curator and counsellor for Romany people of Municipality of Pardubice – Department of Social Affairs, Social worker and manager in the non-profit organization. He professionally focuses on social pathology, sociology, social psychology and social politics. His publications are mainly related to homelessness, quality of life and social policy of public administration. E-mail: jan.mandys@upce.cz
Michaela_Striteska   University of Pardubice: Michaela Stříteská received the PhD in Regional and Public Economics at Faculty of Economics and Administration University of Pardubice. Her main research interest is in the field of Strategic Performance Management and Managerial Ethics. Currently holds the position of Vice-Dean for the External Affairs and Development at the same Faculty. Fields of interests: travelling, skiing, reading books. E-mail: michaela.striteska@upce.cz
b_Martin_Sobotka   University of Pardubice: Ing. Martin Sobotka holds a PhD from University of Pardubice in Public and Regional Economics and is employed as Assistant Professor. His main research interests are economy of public sector, public finance, economy and development of municipalities, social instance and social services and system dynamics and its application. E-mail: martin.sobotka@upce.cz
b_Petr_Kadlec   University of Pardubice: Mgr. Petr Kadlec holds a PhD in Protection of Troops and Population from Defense University. Presently he works at Fire and Rescue Brigade of the Czech Republic – Regional Directorate – Department of Controls, Construction Prevention, and Investigation of Fire Causes. His main research interest is in Civil Protection, Civil Emergency Planning, Crisis Management and Protection of Population. He gives lectures in the subjects aimed at Crisis Management and Population Protection including Fire Prevention and Crisis Communication at University of Pardubice. E-mail: Petr.Kadlec@upce.cz
b_Ondrej_Svoboda   University of Pardubice: Ing. Ondřej Svoboda holds a PhD in Regional and Public Economics from University of Pardubice. He is employed as assistant. His main research interest is in the field of regional development and the regional economic resilience. He has been involved in research project “Indicators for evaluation and modelling of interactions between environment, economy and social context”. E-mail: ondrej.svoboda@upce.cz
b_Tom_š_Lelek   University of Pardubice: Ing. Tomáš Lelek holds a PhD in Regional and Public Economics from University of Pardubice and is employed as Assistant Professor. Fields of interests: His main research interest is in the field of European Union economy policy and knowledge based economy. E-mail: tomas.lelek@upce.cz
vilma   Šiauliai University: Vilma Tubutiene – lecturer of Sustainable Regional Development, Change management and Leadership Courses in the Programme. Work as Siauliai University teacher since 1999. Member of ERSA (European Regional Science Association) since 2009. Field of scientific interests – Human Resource Management, Project / Programm Management. Her teaching philosophy could be revealed by those words: involvement, reflection, collaboration, critical thinking, positive environment. She encourages students to reflect and to learn from mistakes insted of avoiding them. :) E-mail: vilma.t@cr.su.lt
Vita_Jukneviciene   Šiauliai University: Vita Juknevičienė is a PhD student in her fourth year. Her thesis deals with the management of regional innovation systems. Her field of interest concerns the modernization of public governance. E-mail: v.jukneviciene@gmail.com

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