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Šiauliai university  is a regional and classical type higher education institution located in the Northern region of Lithuania, founded in 1997. Šiauliai University is open for society, it disseminates contemporary achievements in science and technologies, fosters forms of democratic society, maintains and cherishes traditions of the national culture and humanistic values.

  • COMMUNITY of 5300 people (5000 students and 300 academic staff).
  • 7 FACULTIES and Continuing Studies Institute.
  • 3 STUDY CYCLES: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctoral degree.
  • RESEARCH CENTRES: Gender Studies, Biological Research, Educational Researches, Energy and Environmentally Clean Technologies, Modelling of Physical Processes, Natural Science Education, Public Health, Social Research, Special Education, Technological Experiments, Biomedical Engineering, Art.
  • INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: over 130 agreements with foreign higher education institutions (HEI) from 40 countries all over the world. University successfully participates in various activities of LLP / ERASMUS programmes: exchange of students and lecturers, ECTS adjustment, intensive programmes and European networks.
  • WORLDWIDE recognised diplomas and accredited programmes.
  • STUDENTS’ ORGANISATIONS: ESN ‘Erasmus Student Network’, Students’ Club, the Students Representation, members of International Association of Students Economists and Managers (AISEC), Mentor programme.
  • INTERNATIONALISATION OF STUDIES: University successfully participates in various international activities: exchange of students and lecturers, ECTS application, intensive programmes, projects and worldwide networks, joint degree study programmes.
  • RATINGS: According to study conditions provided to students in 2013, ŠU takes the 3rdplace among Lithuanian HEI. The website „Ranking Web of World Universities“ has updated the ranking of world universities and ŠU takes 2919 place out of 12000 World ranked HEI, and among Lithuanian HEI is listed in the 7th position.

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Šiauliai is a city, which maintained the name of Šiauliai land attributable to the oldest Lithuanian towns group, which settled at the beginning of the 16th century. Nowadays Siauliai is considered to be the fourth largest city in Lithuania which is active in modern developing. Siauliai already has a modern sports arena, an airport, usually used for military purposes, in the future the city is planning to have a well developed industry park.

The population of Šiauliai is 129 thousand inhabitants. Šiauliai City is also a centre of culture and science. Besides the University there are a Music Conservatoire, 3 Colleges, Šiauliai Vocational Education and Training Centre in the city. Šiauliai is one of the major cultural centres in Lithuania. Professional art companies and single performers make the town famous. Both residents of Šiauliai and visiting guests may sweep into the vortex of the intensive cultural life, which is full of original events.

Despite being in North Lithuania, Siauliai is called the City of Sun because of some historical circumstances. Siauliai City is famous for its 7 Sun Objects, that symbolize the regeneration of Lithuanian culture and language, enlightening, the Battle of Sun and the beauty of the Sun City. The 7 objects include the sculpture of Daylight, the church of St.Peter and St. Paul, the Sun Clock Square, the stained glass named “The Battle of Sun” in the cinema and culture center “The Sun”, the monument for the Battle of Sun at a Salduvė park, the fountain called  “The Sun Disks” and finally the famous Cock Clock square which is an usual place for romantic dates or objective meets as it is even generally initiated to locate the meeting saying ”we`ll see you at a Cock”.

Siauliai citizens are very proud of their city and are always happy to welcome city guests while showing them the best what they have. Here is everything to make your stay complete, whether you prefer peace and tranquillity, countryside activity, heritage tours or fun.

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