Dynamic environment for learning, research and innovation.

The University of Pardubice is an international university with worldwide reputation offering a combination of high quality of education in the Bachelor´s, Master´s and Doctoral´s degree study programmes with almost 130 study specializations.

Its educational, scientific, research and development activities are realized with accordance to the Higher Education Act No. 111/1998, and towards the European Higher Education and Research Area (EHEA and ERA).

The University of Pardubice has been extending more than fifty-five year-long tradition of higher education in the city of Pardubice.

  • The University consists of seven faculties.
  • The teaching staff consists of renowned lecturers and spe­cialists. Students (currently 10,5 thousand) can develop their inte­rests and talents within numerous student organizations taking advantage of various international scholarships.
  • University of Pardubice cooperates with over 300 universities and research institution in 40 countries.
  • Individual University departments paricipate in international programmes, take part in student and staff Exchange programmes and share experience in many projects, organize prestigious international sessions, workshops, conferences and seminars.
  • Around 70 international agreements have been concluded with foreign higher education institutions for international cooperation in the field of education and research, and more than 300 within the EU Erasmus Lifelong Learning education Exchange Programme.
  • The University is becoming an active part of the European and world higher education and research area.

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Pardubice, the seat of the Pardubice Region, is one of the most beauti­ful cities in East Bohemia. Situated on the river Labe, it is the home for approximately 90,000 people. Pardubice is a living city offering a wide range of cultural and social activities. Its visitors can spend their stay here by discovering the beauties of the town. The city, as well as its beautiful surroundings, are certainly worth seeing, since one can view the city from the Green Tower, cruise on a steam boat or experience the greenery along the rivers Labe and Chrudimka.

Sport and culture are inseparable parts of the contemporary life in the City. Pardubice is the seat of the East Bohemian Theatre, East Bohemian Museum, East Bohemian Gallery and the Chamber Symphonic Orche­stra. The rock club “Yellow Dog” is popular among young people, as well as many other clubs in the City.

Numerous sport events, including international ones, take place every year in addition to the programmes of regular sport and cultural institutions. Pardubice has a long ice-hockey tradition. Its ice-hockey club is very popular among the sports fans. Another traditi­onal sports event is the Great Pardubice Steeplechase orga­nized regularly since 1874; the Golden Helmet Speedway; the Tennis Junior Open and the Czech Open international chess tournament. Dense network of cycling paths in the town and its surroundings. Pardubice is also a town of greenery. It boasts with large parks in the City centre and plenty of green forests on the outskirts. There are 1,400 plant species currently growing in the city and its surroundings.

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